1376 Lonsdale Cutoff Rd (Hwy 128)  
Fountain Lake, AR 72087

6.5 miles North of US 70 
2.1 miles South of Hwy 5 

in Garland County

For the Hi-Tech folks 
GPS coordinates 
34°35’46.19” N
92°53’27.04” W

1376 Lonsdale Cut Off (Hwy 128)
Lonsdale, AR 

(perhaps you  better just call us)
501 463-0510


(501) 463-0510

This page was last updated: August 15, 2018
no pets allowed
 due to unpredictable  interaction with 
farm animals
email me
Garner Homestead Family Farm
Google search as
1376 Lonsdale Cutoff Rd
Fountain Lake, Arkansas 72087
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Sorry Closed for 2018 Season

Due to remodeling and up grades 
we will be closed during the 
2018 pumpkin Patch season

Please make plans to Join us 
next year 
to see all of the new stuff!